Saturday, February 27, 2016

Prusse/Hasler Pix & Scanning Info

Dear, Haslers, Thatchers, Prusses, Friends, etc.:

Take a look at these Prusses 1937 & Prusses + Art & Sylvia 1937 pictures
as well as Haslers & Elaine Prusse 1943 pictures. 

It makes you feel like you were standing there watching them.

They look like they were taken yesterday!

I had these scanned using a professional scanner at a high-end  camera store from the original negatives out of Bill & Elaine Prusse’s album.

I used a little "lightning" of the shadows using Photoshop, 

I have also included some scans from the 21/2" x 4” contact prints for comparison.

See how much more contrasty they are.

These negatives were hiding under the prints in the album.

I know that we can seldom find or take the trouble to find the original negatives from our prints,

 However, for those classic shots it is definitely worth the trouble.

Note: The negatives contain dynamic range (black through white and everything in between) that is lost when making a print.

Be sure to enlarge them: Command+ on a Mac
and pinch zoom on an iPad.








Dear Prusses, Haslers, Thatchers, Friends, etc.:
Please see below New Prusse/Hasler Photo Scans
done: 2/23/16

While working on the photo bio of my mother I have been scanning photos given to me by Sylvia and now some Bill Prusse prints from photo albums from Linda and Michael Prusse.

See after scans: Where & How to do free scans @ Family History Centers
and best negative & slide scanning at local camera store.


Prusse Girls 1937

Prusse Marrieds 1937: Alfred & Zona, Harold & Eveline, Arthur & Hanna

Prusses 1937
Prusses + Art & Sylvia 1937



Hanna Hasler holding twins Galen & Mark with Fritz & Bruce in sailor hats looking on, Madison, 1945

Prusse 50 Anniversary Grandchildren 1957

HaslersElainePrusse_Boat on Lake Mendota_May1943

The Mormon Church has built Area Family History Centers in many locations.

In my case the Lindon Area Family History Center

It turns out that mine is only a 1/2 mile bike ride from my house.

These centers are open and staffed (at least in my case ) 9-9 tues-thur, 9-6 M&F, 9-noon Saturdays, and 9-4 Sundays.

They have computers and software for doing family history research.

However, of most interest to me is a very high performance Kodak PS80 scanner that will scan 20 prints at 1200 dpi in a minute or so.

There was an extremely knowledgeable worker who led me through the process.

These centers are available to members and non members alike.
Google your center to get location, hours and phone number
Call to make an appointment (to make sure the scanner will be free)

Go to your center with a stack of prints, photo albums etc. and a high performance empty 12 GB thumb drive.

Specify 1200 dpi scans for small prints and big group pictures.

Note: 1200 dpi works great for small prints, but makes very large files for large prints:

It would be best to separate your prints into two batches.

Use 300 dpi for large prints & 

1200 dpi for small prints and large group pictures

The 50 plus prints I scanned took 2 GB.

See some results above:


In the Bill Prusse Albums there were negatives hiding under some of the small prints.

Negatives cannot be scanned without a special backlit scanner that most Family History Centers do not have.

I think only the big Family History Centers at BYU and downtown SLC have them.

However better yet is to

 go to your local full service Camera/Photo Store for negative or color transparency (color slide) scanning..

They have special $25,000 scanners for scanning negs and slides for professional photographers.

I will have some new results from the professional negative scanner on my blog shortly.

I had access to a very good slide scanner when I was at NASA, but I plan to have some of the classic Hasler slides rescanned when I get a chance.

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