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Sylvia Hasler Photo Bio

Sylvia Hasler Thatcher
Photo Biography
Fritz Hasler

Sylvia, Madison, 1952

Sylvia's Autobiography
Written in 1987
is included at the end.

Art & Hanna, Madison ,1933

Newlyweds Art and Hanna arrive on the University of Wisconsin Campus from Utah

Sylvia was born to Arthur Davis Hasler and Hanna Bertha Prusse three years later on October 4th 1936 in Yorktown Virginia.

Hanna, Baby Sylvia, YorkTown, VA, December 1936

Great picture of mom & baby Sylvia we found in dad's negative deep storage files in Stoughton.

Sylvia 4 Months, YorkTown, February 1937

Hanna and Sylvia, Yorktown, 1937

First child, Sylvia Hasler was born to Hanna and Art on October 4th 1936 in Yorktown Virginia. “Arthur completed his PhD in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin in 1935 and took a post doctorate job with the Federal Government on the Chesapeake Bay where he took his young wife to live in Yorktown Virginia”

 Arthur, Hanna, and baby Sylvia Hasler (upper right) Provo 1937. 

Family reunion Provo Utah 1937, scanned from negative in Bill & Elaine's photo album.

Top row: Harold Merkley (Eveline’s husband), Erich, Eveline, Ruth, Dorothy, Zona (Alfred’s wife), Alfred, Margaret, Irmgard, Arthur Hasler (Hanna’s husband) Hanna, baby Sylvia Hasler (daughter of Arthur and Hanna).

 Middle row: William (Bill) , Granny, Grosspapa, and Walter (Pete)

Sitting: Ralph, and Norma.

In this picture, the Haslers had just made the long trek west to Utah from Yorktown Virginia to attend a Prusse Family reunion. They probably came by car, taking over a week on the road with a stop in Madison, in the days before freeways. They brought their first child, Sylvia, born October 4th 1936, and the first grandchild of Wilhelm & Johanne to meet them and Sylvia’s 13 aunts and uncles. 

Sylvia, Provo, 1937

Sylvia, Art, Yorktown, 1937

The inscription in Hanna's album reads:

Sylvia and her Dad dee

Sylvia, Yorktown, 1938

The Inscription in the album says:

Sylvia two Years

Bike from Grand mumsie & Grandaddy (spelling as hand written in ink)

Sylvia, Yorktown, 1938

Sylvia Age two

Sylvia, Bunny, Madison, 1940

Sylvia, Madison, 1940

Sylvia Age 4, On Pier, 1940

Sylvia, Madison, 1941

Hanna and Sylvia, Madison, 1941.

Because of the miscarriage of their second child, Sylvia was an only child until Fritz was born in 1940 when she was four.

Hanna presenting Fritz, Door County, 1941.

From left: Sylvia, Fritz, Hanna, a friend with child, Olive Thompson holding Dennis in Door County Wisconsin.

Sylvia's brother, Arthur Frederick, nicknamed Fritz, was born on August 21st 1940. 

Olive Thomson just died at age 100 as this is written.

Sylvia, Fritz, Denny, Door County, 1941

Sylvia, Fritz, Madison, 1941

Sylvia has a little brother to help take care of.

Sylvia, Lake Geneva, 1941

Sylvia, Madison, 1941

Art, Hanna, Fritz, and Sylvia, Lake Geneva, 1942. 

The fish professor has to teach his kids how to swim.

 Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

The Haslers returned to Madison in 1939 where Arthur had taken a job as an instructor in the Zoology Department at the University of Wisconsin. 

Hanna, Sylva, Fritz, Madison, 1942

Kendall Ave,  Bruce in the oven.

Fritz, Sylvia, Madison, 1942

Haslers, Madison, 1943

Winter 1943: Art, Fritz, Hanna, Sylvia on Picnic Point, Madison.

Haslers, Madison, 1943.

1942 brought Sylvia a second brother: Bruce Davis, born June 3.

Kendall Ave. Madison

Hanna, Sylvia, Fritz, Bruce, Gramsie, Madison, 1943

Art's mother Ada came for a visit.

Kendall Ave. Madison

The young Hasler family, Madison, 1944.

Left to right: Fritz, Art, Sylvia, Hanna, Bruce.

Sylvia, Madison, 1944

Decending the staircase of the new home at 205 Lathrop St.

Fritz, Bruce, Sylvia,, Madison,1944

First Christmas in the new house.

Hanna, Sylvia, Fritz, Bruce, Madison_1944.

Another picture in the living room of the new house on Lathrop Street.

Sylvia, Bruce, Fritz, Madison, 1944 

Fritz, Granny, Galen, Mark, Sylvia, Madison, 1945

Dad was off to the war in Germany so Hanna's mother Johanne, "Granny" came from Utah to help with two new brothers, Galen Rolf and Mark Rudolf (born January 24 1945). Sylvia looks pretty happy, she didn't realize how much competition twins could be.

The birth of Galen Rolf and Mark Rudolf January 24th 1945 caused quite a stir as twins were quite rare in the days before in vitro fertilization

Haslers, Madison, 1945

At the front door of the house at 205 Lathrop Street

Hanna and Art are each holding one of the twins.

Sylvia, Art, Fritz, Madison, 1945

Daddy Goes to War

Hasler children, Madison, 1946

Sylvia, Madison, 1946

Looking out the dining room window at 205.

Sylvia, Madison, 1946

Hasler family, Madison, 1946. 

This pictue is taken in the dining room with kitchen in the background in the house at 205 Lathrop Street.

Back row: Fritz, Hanna holding Mark, Arthur holding Galen

Front row: Bruce, Sylvia

 Figure 23: Hasler family, Provo, August 1947.

Adults: Arthur holding twins Galen & Mark, Hanna holding baby Karl

From left: Bruce, Fritz, and Sylvia.

Baby Karl Gregory, was born July 19th 1947 so the family must have made a grueling three day trek by car in the days before freeways from Wisconsin to Utah with a baby barely one-month old

Hasler's, Madison 1947

Third Christmas at 205.

Haslers, Thomsons, Madison, 1948

Back row: Hanna, Ollie, Sylvia, John

Front row: Bruce, Galen, Fritz, Mark, Dennis, Three Thompson little ones?.

Haslers, Madison, 1949

Once more at the front door.

Haslers, Madison, 1949.

“The stylishly dressed Hasler family! ” Taken in front of the 205 Lathrop Street house in Madison with the family 1948 Hudson Commodore car

Top row: Hanna, Arthur, Sylvia, and Fritz sitting on the car. 

Bottom row: Karl, Galen, Bruce, and Mark.

This picture is quite hilarious because it demonstrates Hanna’s frugality in clothing the children, all wearing hand-me-downs. See Bruce’s way too short jacket for the extreme example. On a University Assistant Professor’s salary they had a nicely furnished, fancy house, in a good neighborhood, right next to the University, a new car, voice lessons for mom, piano lessons for Sylvia and Fritz and trips out west to Utah every year. However, they had renters to help pay the mortgage and probably had never seen the inside of a restaurant at this point. The car is a 1948 Hudson Commodore that made several trips west to Utah with all eight Haslers aboard before being replaced by a 1954 Nash Ambassador for the trip to Europe

Karl, Galen, Mark, Bruce, Fritz, Sylvia, Madison, 1949

1947 brought baby, Karl Gregory (born July 19, 1947), and now we were six. Fritz is the only one that knows you are supposed smile for a picture.

Haslers, Madison, 1950

Haslers, Madison, 1951

One of very few professional photos of the Hasler family.

Dad always thought his Leica camera was good enough.

Sylvia, Claudia, Dance, Madison, 1951

Ballet was on of Sylvia's great loves. Here she is in our back yard with her partner Claudia Schroeder.

Sylvia, Madison, 1952

Looking down Lathrop Street on a snowy but sunny winter day

Sylvia, Operetta, Madison, 1952

Sylvia is on the right.

Sylvia, Piano, 1952

In 1949 we still had the old upright, but here Sylvia is practicing on her mother's pride & joy a grand piano.

Frankenthal's Antique Car Hasler Family, 1953

Haslers, Madison, 1953

The “von Hasler Famiy Singers” in front the grand piano at 205 Lathrop Street.

Back row: Galen (9), Bruce (11), Karl (7), Hanna, Fritz (13), Arthur with French Horn. 

At the piano: Sylvia (17), and Mark (9). 

From Sylvia’s bio: “I remember the morning after Daddy had taken Mother to hear the von Trapp family singers (of Sound of Music fame). Mother was ecstatic. I can still see her joyfully telling me in the kitchen the next morning about her delightful evening at the concert. Here was a musical family singing the songs of her heritage. Rehearsals began at once. We sang and performed together a great deal as a family. We endeavored to "out-Trapp" the von Trapps for years. We all sang parts, and I accompanied the German Christmas carols on the piano……. Daddy played French horn in the Madison Civic Orchestra and University Opera Productions for twenty-five years. We attended his concerts and the annual Messiah productions”

Prusse Women, Provo, March 1954. 

Hanna center with red carnation, Sylvia far left

From left: Sylvia (Hanna’s daughter) Marilyn (Ralph’s wife), Ruth, Carol (Walter’s wife) Judy (Alfred’s Daughter), Hanna, Eveline, Zona (Alfred’s wife), Irmgard, Dorothy, and Granny.  

Hanna and Art knew there would be no August trip to Utah this year as they would be leaving in the Fall to go to Germany for Arthur’s one-year sabbatical to Munich. That meant a Spring (Easter) trip to Utah that brought many members of the Prusse clan together.

Prusse Grandkids Girls, Provo, 1954

Spring 1954: The grownup girls - Alfred's Judy Prusse and Sylvia Hasler

Bottom Row, Pete's Ellen, Ruth's Carol Anne Lundquist,  Alfred's Joan Prusse and Ada Taylor

Help me out: I recognize the older kids, but I am guessing at the younger ones by their apparent ages and the mothers that are present in the picture above.

Hasler family, NYC, August 1954

Hasler family in front of the NYC Empire State Building, visiting Art’s sister Ada Miller and family, en route to Germany on the Ocean Liner, SS Flandria, from New York to Land’s End England and on to Munich in the 1954 Nash Ambassador automobile.

Top row: Bruce, Hanna, Sylvia, Arthur, and Fritz. 

Front row: Mark, Karl, Galen

In 1954, Arthur took a year long sabbatical to the University of Munich in Germany with the whole family of eight in tow. Hanna spoke fluent German from her childhood in Germany and with her family in America. Arthur had learned excellent German on his mission in Dresden East Germany. Now it was time for all the children to be enrolled in German schools and learn German as well. Before long the whole family was speaking fluent German and singing German folk and Christmas songs, informally: the von Hasler Family Singers.

Figure 5: Sylvia. Fritz, Bruce, SS Flandre leaving NYC, 1954

See Ellis Island, center, and the Statue of Liberty on the left.

Figure 11 : SS Flandre Déjeuner Menu

SS Flandre Luncheon Menu, (scroll right to see it in English)

This was just lunch, dinner was even more exotic. 

Figure 23: Sylvia, Fritz, Karl, Belgian Tulips, 1954.

En Route, from Calais France, to Munich Germany through Belgium and the low countries

Figure 24: Hasler's Picnic Lunch, Low Countries, 1954

No more escargot and frog Legs, back to bread and cheese and drinks from the cooler.

The Haslers were always on the economy plan.

Figure 29: Hanna,  Sylvia, Rhine Cafe, 1954

Hanna and Sylvia enjoying a Chocolada (Hot Chocolate) at a cafe overlooking the Rhine River in Germany.

Haslers, Munich, January 1955.

Haslers catching snow flakes in a snowstorm on the side of their big rental house at Kunigundenstrasse 55 in Munich Germany.

From left to right: Fritz, Sylvia, Karl, Mark, Hanna, Galen, and Bruce. 

The Haslers rented this big house in the Schwabing section of Munich. From there the kids commuted to school and University by streetcar. Note the boys are all wearing German military type hats.

Galen, Willie Sachs, Sylvia, Fritz, Spitzingsee, 1955

Spring 1955: This was my first real experience with skiing which would become one of my great loves later in life. Spitzingsee was a little ski resort in Bavaria (Southern Germany) in the foothills of the Alps. However, it had a real chairlift that took us some distance up the mountain. I had no idea how to ski, so I spent some hours falling my way back down the hill.  Willie was an ex-competition ski racer that we knew from the Mormon congregation in Munich.

Figure 57: Sylvia, Spitzingsee, 1955

I don't know, who's the better skier, Sylvia or Karl

See the skiers behind going up a rope tow

Probably actually at Sudelfeld Wendelstein 

Haslers and Kublys, St Nicholas, Munich 1955

Our German Christmas was the delight of our lives. Mother was in her element. We had a tree with real candles on it that year in Munich, and a real St. Nicholas came to our home and recounted our failings, admonishing us to be better before December 25. Mother discovered Advent's wreaths. We burned dozens of red candles, attended Christmas oratorios, and enjoyed the beautiful many-colored Christmas decorations and marzipan (figures made of almond paste). The Christmases of Mama's childhood, as portrayed valiantly by her immigrant parents, were resurrected by a delighted Hanna and truly celebrated at Kunigundenstrasse 55”

Figure 49: Haslers, Munich, Christmas 1954

Notice the real lighted candles on the tree referred to in the quote above by Sylvia

We went all out with a big tree, not like the skanky ones we usually got at home in Madison Wisconsin.

Haslers, Munich, House, 1955

Figure 61: Haslers, Kunigundenstrasse 55, Munich, 1955

Our official Germany Portrait

Figure 42: Haslers, Willi and Gertrud Conradi, Berlin, 1954

Willi was Granny's (our maternal grandmother's) younger brother.

Our mom's Onkel (Uncle) Willi. We were close because granny and Eveline had gone back to Germany to visit them in 1931 and mom had sent them CARE packages when they were starving right after the war.

They lived in the American Sector of Berlin, but we had to drive on the Autobahn through the Soviet Sector to get there.  It was pretty scary since this was only five years after the Soviets had shut down the Autobahn and blockaded Berlin resulting in the famous Luft Brücke (Air Bridge/Lift) that kept Berlin alive until August of 1949 when the Soviets lifted the blockage.

Figure 53: Galen, Mark, Sylvia, Hanna, Tante Minna & Berta, Munich, 1955

Galen & Mark's tenth birthday  January 24th

Granny's younger sisters, mother's Tanten (aunts) Berta and Minna were visiting from Hannover.

They are the older sisters of Willi (see Figs. 42 and 43 above)

They came of age about the time of WWI. With all the boys fighting in the war and so many killed, they never married.

As with Onkel Willi, Granny and Eveline visited them about 1931. Hanna and the other Prusses in the US sent them CARE packages after WWII when times were so tough for them.

Figure 73: Jürgen. Deftig Family, Hasler Family, Hiking at Fischbachau, 1955

Figure 74: Sylvia, Kitty and Detig daughter in Dirndls, Fischbachau, 1955

Figure 75: Hanna, Sylvia Detigs,  Kitty, Fischbachau, 1955

Frau Detig (Murmila), Detig Daughter, Hanna, Sylvia, Kitty von Kranich in Dirndls

Figure 76: Haslers and Detig's at Fischbachau, 1955

Figure 64: Sylvia, Fairy Ring, Switzerland, 1955 

Figure 80: Sylvia, Hanna, Galen, Hotel Pool, Montecatini, 1955

On our spring trip to Italy.

Figure 81: Hasler Family at Pisa_1955

Hasler's at the leaning tower of Pisa on our spring trip to Italy

Bruce is carrying one of dad's Leica 111c cameras that were used to take most of the pictures in this blog.

Figure 31: Haslers, Munich, August 1955.

Haslers “Departure from Munich” in the back yard of the Kunigundenstrasse 55, house in Munich Germany just before they returned to the States in August of 1955 to 205 Lathrop Street in Madison.  Note: family members are wearing pretzels around the neck.

This card was made by Fritz in printing class at West High School for the 1955 Christmas following the Hasler year in Munich.

Haslers, Gramsie, Gilbert, Madison, 1955

Just back from Germany.

Dad's father Walter T., had died from hitting his head from a fall while we were in Germany. We were doing a stint taking care of his mother Ada. It did not go well. 

Gilbert would marry Sylvia within a year. That may account for the look Sylvia is giving Gilbert in the picture.

Color version, slightly rearranged:

Back Row: Gramsy, Fritz, Karl, Art, Bruce, Sylvia, Gilbert, Hanna
Front: Mark, Galen

Sylvia, Gilbert, Madison, 1956

Haslers, Madison, 1956

205 Lathrop Street, Madison, 1956

Our house from 1944 until dad and Hatheway moved to Shorewood ~1976

Figure 32: Wedding of Sylvia and Gilbert, Salt Lake City, 1956

Sylvia and Gilbert Lionel Thacher were married in the Salt Lake Temple Sept 4, 1956. Hanna’s first child and only daughter was now married. She only had five boys to go.

Figure 32.3: Sylvia and Gilbert Wedding, Salt Lake City, 04Sept1956

Figure 32.5: Wedding Reception for Sylvia and Gilbert, Madison, 1956

Kappa Sorority House, Madison, Sept 20, 1956

Art & Sylvia Dancing, Madison, 1956

Sylvia & Gilbert Wedding Reception, Madison, 20Sept1956.

Haslers: Bruce, Fritz, Hanna, Sylvia, Arthur, Karl, SLC, 1958

Art arriving by air?

Most flights those days were bumpy and slow on propeller driven DC-3s

I'm guessing SLC because of the mountains and Sylvia living there.

I'm guessing 1958 because of my (Fritz's) flat top. That would make Karl 11 years old.

I don't know what happened to Mark & Galen, maybe taking the picture.

Sylvia, Laurel, Granny, Hanna, Provo, August 1959. 

Granny, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel, Provo, 1959

Granny, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel - four generations - Provo Utah, August 1959.

A much better version of the classic photo above taken in the shade

One of the very best photos we have of mom in middle age.

It only took 30 min with Photoshop to lighten it and clean it up.

I took a couple of nasty mosquito bites off Laurel's face in the process.

Sylvia with her soon to be eldest (Laurel) of six children.

Hanna with her eldest child, Sylvia, and first grandchild Laurel. 

Granny with her eldest child, Hanna, her eldest grandchild, Sylvia, and her first great grandchild, Laurel.

I had this as 1958, but Laurel is more than three months old..... Sylvia????

Sylvia, Hanna, Laurel, Granny, Provo, 1960

Four generations: Johanna, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel

Sylvia, Hanna, and Gilbert, Madison, 1960.

Sylvia & Hanna singing, with Gilbert accompanying, Madison, about 1960.

“When I began dating my future husband Gilbert, Mother was ecstatic. Here was an excellent pianist who could sight read anything she put in front of him. Mother would say "Oh, Gilbert's here, he'll accompany us.””

Sylvia, Tibor Zana, Sheboygan, 1960

Sylvia and Tibor dancing in the Wisconsin Ballet Companyve Hasler Boys

Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1960

Art, Hanna, Hasler kids + granddaughter Laurel

Figure 40: Christmas Stollen, Madison, 1960

A batch of mom's Christmas Stollen 1960. In the bay window of the dining room at 205 Lathrop Street, Madison.

At Christmas she would bake fifty loaves of German Stollen (fruited yeast bread), ice them, and Daddy would deliver them to friends and neighbors”Hanna, the baker’s daughter, thrilled family and guests alike with her food, but especially homemade bread, dinner rolls, and German specialties including Zwetschgenkuchen, and Christmas Stollen as well as a holiday cranberry pudding that was to die for."

Advent Calendars, Madison, 1960
In the window sill next to the Christmas stollen we would often place our Advent Calendars. Starting on December 1, we would open a door every day. There was a special surprise behind the 24th door

Bruce, Karl, Mark, Galen, John, & Blaine Thatcher, Madison, 1961

Blaine Gilbert Thatcher, born 28February1961

Gilbert, Sylvia, Laurel, Blaine, Madison, 1961

Hasler Boys, Gilbert, Laurel, Madison, 1961

 Mark, Galen, Laurel, Chrysler Town & Country, Madison, 1962

Hanna, Sherzl, Trout Lake, 1963

 Fritz & Mary’s Wedding, Madison, 1965.

Sylvia at Fritz & Mary’s Wedding, June 19 1965, Mormon Chapel, Madison.

Back row: Galen, Mark, Bruce, and Karl

Front row: Arthur, Hanna, Fritz, Mary, and Sylvia

Fritz’s four brothers were the best men and his sister Sylvia was a bridesmaid along with Mary’s three sisters. Hanna was driven to see her children married, but only lived to see Sylvia, Fritz, and Bruce marry. She got to know four grand children. Sylvia and Gilbert’s Laurel, Blaine and Sabina were 7, 5, and 3 (see Figure 41) while Fritz and Mary’s Anneliese was 18 months old when she died.  The newlyweds went to Glacier National Park and Canada on their honeymoon. Hanna and Art met them at the Salt Lake City temple where they were sealed (official Mormon marriage) by one of the 12 apostles, Harold B. Lee, who became President of the Church in 1972.

Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1965

Christmas Stollen, Madison, 1960

A batch of mom's Christmas Stollen 1960. In the bay window of the dining room at 205 Lathrop Street, Madison.

At Christmas she would bake fifty loaves of German Stollen (fruited yeast bread), ice them, and Daddy would deliver them to friends and neighbors”Hanna, the baker’s daughter, thrilled family and guests alike with her food, but especially homemade bread, dinner rolls, and German specialties including Zwetschgenkuchen, and Christmas Stollen as well as a holiday cranberry pudding that was to die for."
In the next image we see the assembled group and dinner table for the blessing of Anneliese (born December 4th 1967), the first child of Fritz and Mary Huebner Hasler. Shown is the wonderful dining room with bay window of the 205 Lathrop Street house. The great round dinner table with large Lazy Susan in the middle. A large turkey is carved in the foreground with mashed potatoes; on the Lazy Susan are homemade dinner rolls and the gravy for the mashed potatoes. A typical dinner, and number of guests, that Hanna served innumerable times during her life.

Hanna, Scherzl, Trout Lake, 1965

Sylvia's mom, ~ four years before her death.

Hanna. Karl, Sylvia, Madison, 1966

Bruce, Christina, Wedding, SLC, 25August_1967

Mary pregnant with Liese.

Anneliese’s blessing dinner, Madison, 1968

Hanna (far right) in her element with a grand dinner for the blessing of her fourth grandchild, Anneliese, the first child of Fritz and Mary.

Back row: Sylvia, Galen, Arthur, Fred Huebner, Fritz, Ellen, Anne, Gilbert, Grandpa Huebner, Paul Christenson, Hanna

Seated: Larue Christenson, Mary, Laurel Thatcher, Laura Huebner, Sabina and Blaine Thatcher, Grandma Bast, Grandma Huebner, Alice Huebner

Haslers, Thatchers, Madison,1968

One of the last pictures of Hanna before she died

Top Row: Fritz, Mark, Karl, Christina, Bruce, Gilbert, Galen
Middle Row: Laurel, Hanna, Sabina, Arthur, Barbara, Sylvia
Front Row: Anneliese, Mary, Blaine

Hasler Siblings, Madison, 1968

Art, Hanna, Barbara, Liese, Madison, 1968

Hanna only a year before her death

Hanna, Madison, 1968

You can see the years that have passed in her face, but the inner and outer beauty is still there.

Probably also not long before she died in 1969 of stomach cancer

Sylvia, Fritz, Bruce, Galen, Mark, Karl plus Families, Madison, 1970

Thatchers, Hasler, Trout Lake, 1989

Arthur, Sylvia, Fritz, Galen, Mark, Karl, Madison, 1989

 Arthur, Sylvia, Limnology Lab, Madison, 1998

16Sept1968: Arthur with daughter, eldest child Sylvia, in front of the Limnology Lab. 

 Lab Naming, Madison. 2006

08Mary2006: Fritz, Hathaway, Sylvia, Karl, Mark, Fritz

Arthur's widow, his second wife, Hatheway, and five of his six children along with 100s attend the naming ceremony for the A. D Hasler Laboratory of Limnology which he built.

His professional legacy is the ongoing labs in Madison and Trout Lake and the nearly 95 PhD and Master students that received their degrees under his supervision. His 200 pier reviewed papers and seven books have inspired countless others to continue his work.

Sylvia, Hatheway, Ribbon Cutting, Limnology Lab Hasler Naming, Madison, 2006


Sylvia & Gilbert 50th Anniversary, Trout Lake, 2006

Anniversary Reunion.

William Abby Gilbert Laurel Madeline Jed Bradley Cameron Daniel Stephen Nathen Amy Blaine Callie Barbera Elizabeth Cole Sylvia Kathryn Elliot Hattie Sabina Arthur Karl Lillian Jameson (14August2006)

Sylvia & Gilbert 50th Anniversary, Trout Lake, 2006

Bottom Row: Blaine, Laurel, Sabina, Barbara, Bradley, Stephen

 Sylvia & Gilbert, 6 Kids, 3 Spouses, Salt Lake City, 2010

Gilbert's 80th Birthday Dinner at Blaine's Restaurant.

Sylvia, Fritz, Mark, Galen, Bruce, Karl, Three Lakes WI, 2012

The six Hasler siblings

Prusse/Hasler Reunion, SLC, 2016

16March2016 Beehive House: Fred & Marilyn Smolka, Mark & Renee Hasler, Ada Bills, Kevin & Julie Prusse, Gilbert & Sylvia Thatcher, Barbara & Hatheway Thatcher, Abbie McNiel, Liese & Elizabeth McDonald, Mary & Fritz Hasler

Sylvia and Gilbert Grand Children Composite

Morgan Beth McNeil Wrapped uptight

Laurel's grandchild and Sylvia's first great grandchild.


Sylvia's Legacy

Sylvia and Gilbert have six children, 21 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren as of February 2016. Sylvia and Gilbert live in Colorado Springs CO near their daughter Barbara.

Please send me updates for the pictures below:

Laurel's Family

Cameron, Katheryn, Jed, Laurel, Abbie, Madeline, Danile

Blaine's Family

BlaineThatcher_Family June 2016

Blaine, Amy, Nathan, Callaway, Makala, Jane

BlaineThatcher_Family photo June 2015

Blaine, Amy, Cole, Callaway, Makala, Jane, Nathan

Sabina's Family

Bradley's Family

Barbara's Family

Stephen & Charis Family,  2014?

Stephen & Charis Family, June? 2016

Sylvia Autobiography