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Mary Huebner Photo bio

Mary Huebner Hasler
1942- Living
Photo Biography by Husband Fritz

Mary Age 4, Madisonville, 1946

Figure 0: Frederick Huebner, Alice Katherine Bast, Madison, 1939

Mary was born, October 8th, 1942 to Frederick Charles Huebner and Alice Katherine Bast in Dubuque Iowa, just across the Mississippi from the Southwest corner of Wisconsin, 

Figure 1: Mary, Fred, Platteville, December 1943

Mary with her dad Fred.

At the time the Huebners lived 30 miles to the Northwest in Platteville Wisconsin

Figure 2: Mary, Alice, Platteville, 1943

Mary with her mom Alice

Figure 3: Mary, Fred, Alice, Platteville, 1943


Figure 4: Four Generations, Beaver Dam, 1943

Grandma Laura Huebner, Great Grandma Holtz, Mary, and dad Fred

Fred going was going off to war in the South Pacific. Alice and baby Mary were headed for Madisonville Kentucky to live with Alice's sister Louise Stokes.

Figure 5: Mary, Fred, Alice, Beaver Dam, 1943

Figure 6: Mary, Grandparents, Beaver Dam, 1943

Mary with her grandparents, Laura and Ed Huebner, at their home in Beaver Dam Wisconsin 

Figure7: Mary, Alice, Madisonville, 1944

Alice and Mary at the beginning of a six year stay with the Stokes in Kentucky

Figure 8. Mary, Tom, Susan, Beaver Dam, 1944.

Mary on her second birthday, October 8, 1944. Visiting with her aunt Agnes and her cousins in Beaver Dam Wisconsin.

Figure 9: Mary, Alice, Agnes, Susan, Rockfield, 1945

Mary and Alice visiting with Alice's sister-in-law, Agnes Bast, at the family farm in Rockfield Wisconsin.

Figure 10: Louise, Mary, Cynthia, Tom, Rockfield , 1945

Aunt Louise takes Mary and her cousins Tom and Cynthia Stokes on a hayride behind Grandpa Bast's Ford tractor in Rockfield Wisconsin, 30 miles Northwest of Milwaukee. Louise, Alice, and the kids are visiting from Kentucky.

Figure 11: Mary & extended family, Rockfield, 1945

Mary with her mother Alice, Grandparents Bertha and Paul Bast, Bertha's sister Florence, Aunt Agnes with cousins Susan and Tom Bast

Figure 12: Mary, Madisonville, 1945

Figure 12.5: Mary, Madisonville, 1945

Figure 12: Mary, Alice, Madisonville, 1945

Figure 13: Mary, Birthday Cake, Madisonville, 1947

Mary's 5th Birthday, October 8th 1947

Mary, Laura, Madisonville, 1949

August 4,1949: Mary has a baby Sister

Laura Jean, born Nashville Tennessee


Alice, Laura, Mary, Madisonville, 1949

Only one problem, Mary's not an only child anymore.

Fred, Laura, Madisonville, 1949

Laura takes up dad's time too.

Figure 14: Mary, Laura, Madisonville 1949

But it's also great fun having a baby sister.

Mary, Laura, Madisonville, 1950

And watching her grow up

Figure 15: Mary, Laura, Madisonville, 1950

But Mary is still the fairest one of all.

Mary, Laura, Cousins, Madisonville, 1950

And she has lot's of cousins to play with.

Note: Our kids also grew up playing in this red wagon

Top row: Tom Bast, Cynthia Stokes, Jim Stokes,

Middle row: David Bast, Susan Bast, Mary

Bottom: Laura, Susan Stokes.

Figure 15: Mary, Jim Stokes, Madisonville, 1950

Mary, Laura, Three Lakes, 1951

Little sister can be a great playmate.

One of Mary's first trips up to Three Lakes Wisconsin to visit her grandpa and grandma Huebner, in 2016 65 years later Mary is still spending her summers in Three Lakes.

Figure 15.5: Mary, Madison, 1951

Fred, Mary, Laura, Rockfield, 1952

Especially when dad takes them both out to play.

Fred driving grandpa Bast's Ford tractor on the the family dairy farm in Rockfield Wisconsin.

Mary, Laura, Anne, Madison, 1952

January 21,1952 a third sister Anne Elizabeth arrives on the scene

Mary. Alice, Laura, Anne, Madison, 1952

Mary. Alice, Laura, Anne, Paul Bast, Madison, 1952

Figure 15.7: Mary, Alice, Laura, Anne, Ellen, Madison, July1954

Alice, Mary, Laura, Anne, Paul, Bertha, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Rockfield,1954

Figure 16: Fred. Alice, Mary, Laura, Anne, Madison, 1955

The Huebner family now five, living on Midvale Blvd. in Madison Wisconsin.

Mary is wearing a confirmation robe from Bethany Methodist Church on Speedway Road.

Mary_Hydroplaning_Three Lakes_1956.jpg

There was big time skiing going on at grandpa and grandma Huebner's cabin in Three Lakes

Laura, Anne, Ellen, Madison, 1960

Figure 17: Huebners, Madison, 1960

Mary's Old Family

Top Row: Laura, Alice, Fred
Bottom Row: Ellen, Mary, Anne

18 year old Mary wearing Richard Schriver's fraternity pin.

Figure 17.5: Huebner Girls, Madison, 1960

Laura, Anne, Ellen, Mary

Mary. Clarice, Agape, 1962

Mary had long dreamed of going to Europe. In fact in 1961 when Fritz came back from a year in Munich and Europe, she got an invitation from her friend Patty Parsons to see Fritz's slides.

Mary's father,  Fred,  forbade her from going, but she saved her money, arranged a 3 week stay at the Agape Christian work camp in Italy and went off with her dear friend Clarice Conner to spend the summer in Europe.

Mary. Clarice, Agape, 1962

Mary. Clarice, Agape, 1962

Hair cutting session, Clarice doing Mary.

Mary, Clarice, with Italian Minister's sons, 1962

Mary, Clarice, Salzburg, 1962

No trip to Salzburg Austria is complete without a tour of the Salt Mine.

Salz is the German word for salt.

Figure 18: Mary, BostonWhaler, Madison, 1963

Mary ran into Fritz when she returned from Europe as she was passing out programs at a concert. She is now dating Fritz Hasler. 

A requirement for all Hasler girl friends is that you had to be able to climb out of the water into the boat without help.

Figure 18.5: Mary, Boston Whaler, Madison, 1963

Figure 18.6: Mary, Sandy Wellencotter, Aspen, 1964

Figure 19: Fritz, Mary, Arval Erickson, Vows, Madison, 1965

Mary and Fritz were married June 19, 1965 at the LDS (Mormon) Church on Segoe Road in Madison Wisconsin.

Figure 20: Mary, Fritz, Cake, Madison, 1965

19June1965: Mary and Fritz cutting the wedding cake 

Figure 21: Mary, Bridesmaids, Madison, 1965

Sylvia, Mary, Clarice, Anne, Laura, Ellen

Mary showing off her garter to the Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids.

Figure 22: Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1965

Mary's new family

Figure 23: Mary in the mirror, Madison, 1966

Figure 24: Mary, Clarice & Romy Wedding, Madison, 1966

Mary's best friend Clarice Conner married to Romy Merete

Clarice Sister Matron of Honor, Mark Hasler best man on right.

Bruce, Christina, Wedding. SLC, 25August1967

Mary Pregnant with Liese

Mary, &, Larue, Madison, 1967

Mary Pregnant with Liese

Figure 25: Anneliese, Madison, 1967

December 4, 1967: Mary's first born child, daughter Liese.

Figure 26: Mary, Liese, Madison, 1967

Figure 27: Four Generations, Madison, 1967

Mary. Great Grandma Bertha Bast, Alice, Liese

Haslers, Mary, Liese, Christina, Thatchers, Gilbert, Laurel, Blaine, Sabina, Barbara, Madison, 1968

Bertha, Liese, Madison, 1968

Mary's grandmother Berta Minnie Mantz Bast with her great grandchildren.

Liese is on her lap pointing

Bertha lived to age 99.

Figure 28: Anneliese, Mary, 1968

Figure 29: Liese, Mary, Seagulls, 1969

Mary and Liese on Lake Superior, August 1969

Figure 30: Mary, Liese, 1969

Mary and Liese at a deer farm, August 1969

Figure 31: Marta, Madison, 1970

20March1970: Marta only a few minutes old, University Hospitals, Madison.

Fritz took the picture. it was now fashionable for the father to be present for his child's birth.

Figure 32: Mary, Marta, Hospital, Madison, 1970

Mary's second child, daughter Marta Fleur born 28 months after Liese.

Marta, Madison, 1970

She cleans up pretty well, a special dress for a tiny girl

Figure 33: Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1971

Back row: Galen, Grace, Fritz holding Marta, Karl, Mark, Sabina, Renee, Laurel, Sylvia, Blaine, Bruce, Gilbert

Front row: Mary holding Liese

Figure 34: Liese, Marta, Mary, Boulder, 1972

1495 Ithaca Drive, Table Mesa, Boulder Colorado

Mary, Marta, Silverton, 1972

Mary and Marta, open the door bleary eyed above Silverton Colorado.

There was an open field above the town, so we drove up a ways and parked for the night.

We bought an old Ford conversion van. It was strong enough to pull the boat and had two beds and a cook stove. Perfect for a 30 day tour of the West.

On our 5 week tour of the Western US the summer of 1972: Colorado, Nevada, the whole West coast from San Diego to Vancouver and back through Canada and Idaho.

Figure 35: Liese, Mary, Marta, Paris, 1975

01July1975 shortly after arriving to live in Paris France for 6 months.

Figure 36: Marta, Mary, Marta, Zermatt, 1975

August 1975: Aufzug's Fest (Thanksgiving Parade), Zermatt Switzerland

On our summer trip, all over France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain.

Figure 37: Marta, Mary, Liese, Zermatt_1975

December 1975: With skis at our chalet in Zermatt

Figure 38: Huebners, Madison, 1977

Alice, Anne, Ellen, Mary, Fred, Laura at the house on Midvale Blvd on Madison's West side.

Katherine just born, Mary, Annapolis, 06August1977

Cleaned up, wrapped up, and in her mothers arms, she settled right down.

Mary's third Child Katherine Etta, was born 7 years after Marta, 6 August 1977

Katherine, Marta, Liese, Mary, Edgewater, 1978

Figure 39: Haslers,  Annapolis, 1979

Fritz, Katherine, Mary, Marta, Liese

Hasler's now five!

Figure 40: Galen Haslers, Fritz Haslers, North Carolina, 1980

Galen, Kate, Aaron, Grace, Erica, Liese, Mary, Katherine, Marta

Newborn Matt, Mary, Marta, Liese, Katherine, Edgewater 02July1982

Matt was born July 1, 1982 at the hospital in Cheverly Maryland

We signed the papers to apply for his adoption and went to the hospital to meet him.

He seemed to be very popular with the ladies of the family

01July1982: Mary's forth child,  Matthew Frederick was adopted 5 years after Katherine's birth.. 

Newborn Matt, Mary, Edgewater 02July1982

We decided that we wanted him and took him right home.

Except for missing the birth trauma, Mary seemed to fall right in as his mother.


Katherine, Goats, Edgewater, 1982

Katherine, Goat, Edgewater, 1982 

These pictures pretty much say it all about Mary's love for animals and bringing up our kids with animals.  To day nothing of at least four big dogs and numerous cats we have owned.

See below:

Mary, Matt, Murphy, Edgewater, 1996

Mary always had to have animals. It started with our cat Cat Ballou when we were first married in Madison, then our Afghan dog Shila Amahari in Boulder. With the three acres in Maryland, everything was fair "game". For tenders we had three goats that we milked, there were rabbits, ducks, turtles and a dog (see Murphy above). Other people have animals, and they frequently die prematurely of one thing or another. Mary's animals are practically immortal. In 2016, we currently have two Labs that are approaching 15 years of age. (oh my god)

Figure 41: Hasler Kids, Annapolis, 1984

01July1982: Mary's forth child,  Matthew Frederick was adopted 5 years after Katherine's birth.. 

Figure 42: Matt, Annapolis, 1984

Who wouldn't want to have a boy?


Sisters: Mary, Laura, Ellen, Anne, Three Lakes, 1984

Chapel in the Pines: Ellen & Jerry Wedding, Three Lakes, 1984

Figure 43: Thatchers, McNiels, Haslers, Trout Lake, 1989

Gilbert, Sylvia, Mary Laurel, Katherine, Fritz, Matt

Front Row: Madeline, Abby, Cameron, Liese, Stephen

August 1989: Thachers, McNiels, and Haslers on the famous Trout Lake Beach.

Figure 44: Mary, Liese, Katherine, Matt, Yosemite, 1990

Hasler's visit to Yosemite Falls, at Yosemite National Park California.

44.5: First child married - Liese to Brad McDonald, Bountiful, 1990

20December1990: Bountiful Utah

Figure 45 : Liese, Megan, Provo, 1993

30October1993: Mary's first grandchild born in Utah to Liese and Brad McDonald

Figure 45.3: Haslers, Huebners, Three Lakes, Winter, 1997

Anne, Marta, Mary, Matt, Fritz, Laura, Alice, Katherine

Figure 45.5 MartaAdamWeddingFritzMary_SequoiaNationalPark_10June2000

Mary's second child married.

Figure 45.7: Mary, Buxton Family, Three Lakes, 2000

Figure 46: Mary, Raymond Legoale,  Kids, Kruger, 2002

Visiting Kruger National Park, South Africa, September 2002

Figure 47: 23Sept2002: Elephant Crossing, Kruger National Park.

We sat in our car on a bridge and watched for an hour while this herd of elephants crossed the river.

Figure 48: Haslers, McDonalds, DeBellises, Thanksgiving Point, 2005

 Big Hasler Family Portrait, Thanksgiving Point Utah, February 2005

Figure 48.5: Extended Haslers, MattAmyWedding, Melenial Falls, DraperUT, 17June2005

Figure 49: Mary's Cabin, Three Lakes, 11October2008

Camp Hasler in Northern Wisconsin.

Figure 50: Greetings, from Camp Hasler, Three Lakes WI, 02July2009

Figure 50.5: Mary, Marta, Margaret, Dianna & Daughters, SLC, 2009

Figure 51: Mary's Kitchen, Lindon, 2010

Sylvia, Gilbert, Brad, Blaine, Sabina, Thatcher, Parens & McDonald Families for Dinner, Lindon Utah, 01Mar2010

Figure  52: Mary, Rachel, Megan, Paris 2010

Mary introducing her grand daughters to the Paris she loves.

09June2010: Mary, Megan, Rachel, Umbrella, Maison Rose, Monte Martre, Paris

Figure 52/5: Chip Jett and Katherine Married, Highpoint, 2012

On November 17, 2012 in High Point NC we got a third son-in-law and now all of Mary's kids are married.

Figure  53: Fritz, Mary, Grandkids, Spain & N Africa, 2013 

11Oct2013: Mary, Rachel, Aaron, Elizabeth, Streets of Segovia, Spain

Figure  54: Mary takes the Family to Maui, Thanksgiving, 2013

01Dec2013: Family Thanksgiving - Hasler Clan, Ocean Background, Aston Kaanapali Shores, Maui Hawaii

Figure 55: Mary, Camp Hasler, Three Lakes WI, 04Jan2014

It was exactly 28 below zero, three mornings in a row during our visit

Figure 56: Matt, Kaden, Amy, Mary, Chloe, Fritz, Heber, 2014
12May2014: Chloe's Baptism, Heber Utah

Figure 57: Mary's Stairs, Tree House, Three Lakes, 2014

29July2014: Tree House. Camp Hasler, Three Lakes WI

Aaron and Fritz's multi-year project

Figure 58: Mary, Calvin. London, 2014

16October2014: 800,0000 Poppies in the moat of the Tower of London, London, UK

Commemorating the beginning of WWI. One for each UK death in the war.

Figure 59: Mary, Jetts, McDonalds, San Diego, 2014

27-30November2014: Mary, Katherine & Lilia Jett, Brad, Liese, Megan, Rachel, Aaron, & Elizabeth, McDonald, SanDiego California, 

Mary takes the family to San Diego for Thanksgiving 

Figure 59.5: Mary, Liese, Bev, Margaret et. al., Lindon, 2014

Mary having Liese and the young ladies of the Ward (our congregation) over for a Christmas  lunch.

Figure 60: Hasler Reunion, Lindon, 205

Mary Fritz Megan Rachel Aaron Elizabeth Calvin Eliana Thea Chloe Kaden Lilia

12April2015: Hasler Family Reunion, Scrub Oak Photo Shoot, Lindon, Utah

Figure 61: Elizabeth, Mary, Camp Hasler, Three Lakes, 03 Aug2015

Figure 62: Mary, Ailsa, Three Lakes, 2015

29August2015: Four Mile Lake Three Lakes WI

Mary holding youngest grandchild ,Katherine's Ailsa Jett

Figure 62.5: Mary, Clarice, Notre Dame, Paris, 2015

01October2015: BFFs still tromping around the world together after 53 years

Clarice and Mary spent the summer of 1962 in a work camp near Milan Italy and then traveled all over the continent and the UK on less than $5/day

On this trip the two of them visited friends of Clarice in Oslo Norway. They spent three days in Paris after which Fritz joined them. The three of them traveled on to Santiago de Compostela in the North East corner of Spain. Clarice stayed on to walk the Way of Saint James while Mary & Fritz flew on to Vienna etc. (see below) 

Figure 63: Mary, Fritz, Notre Dame, Paris France, 01October2015

Figure 64: Fritz,  Mary, Vienna Austria, 06October2015

St. Stephansdom  (Cathedral of Saint Stephan) in the background.

Fritz had business again in Vienna. We have grown to like this city very much.

Figure 65: MaryFritz, Acropolis, Athens, Greece. 08October2015

Fritz had climbed the Acropolis on crutches during his year in Europe in 1961 and after seeing the sculptures from the Parthenon in Paris and London recently was dying to see it again. The Acropolis is amazing and the new Parthenon Museum is incredible.

Figure 66: Mary Fritz. Santorini Greece, 09October2015

Figure 67: Mary. Eliana. Thea. Sydney Opera House from Ferry to Taronga Zoo


Wait a minute, how did we get here?

We were home in Utah for only a few weeks before we left for Australia with Marta, Eliana, and Thea. 

We were on a six week baby sitting assignment helping Marta got set up in a new house for her two year assignment as Adobe VP for Partner Marketing, handling operations in the entire Far East. After four weeks, her husband Adam and son Calvin joined us for the last two weeks.

Fritz had been in Australia a couple times as a NASA scientist, but it was the first time for Mary.

Figure 68: Mary, Fritz, Calvin, Cairns, 2015

09December2015: Sunlover's Tour to Great Barrier Reef from Fitzroy Island to Moor Reef

Figure 69: Mary, Ellian, Tasmania, 2015

28November2015:Mary with granddaughter Eliana, Deserted Beach, Tasmania Australia

Figure 70: Mary, Ellian, Tasmania, 2015

28November2015:Mary with granddaughter Eliana, Deserted Beach, Tasmania Australia

Figure 71: Fritz, Mary, Calvin, Eliana, and Thea, DeBellis, Sydney, 2015

05December2015: Grandparents and kids, Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

While attending Handel's Messiah at the Sydney Opera House