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Fritz & Mary Family: Greatest Old Photos

Fritz & Mary Family: New (Old) Photos
May 2016

Working on the photo timelines for Mary and myself I realized that we had been looking at the same set of greatest hits pix for years, but there were boxes and boxes of slides in the basement and many important events in our lives that had been left out.

In the old days we would get out the slide projector, set up a screen and look at the pictures that we had taken in the last weeks or months. But as time went on and new boxes of slides displaced the old we didn't look at the old slides any more.

In fact with the advent of digital photography we are looking at our pictures on computers, and iPads and big screen TV instead of digging out the old slide setup.

I realized that the birth pictures of Katherine and Matt hadn't been seen in years. We also took a grand tour of the West in 1972 when Liese and Marta were five and three and hadn't seen those pictures either, etc. etc.

With the goal of reviving some highlights not doing the monumental task of going through all the pictures, I have found some great photographs.  With my photoshop skills I have cleaned up the pictures and brought some of the highlight events up to a level we didn't even see in the old days.

I spent 5 hours yesterday at the BYU Family History Center scanning slides.

I missed some and must rescan some so I'm going back tonight.

I'm just getting started putting them on this blog post...... keep tuned

Now & Then

Fritz/Kaden, Lederhosen, Madison/Lindon, 1945/2016

71 Years ago, I played Pinocchio. when I was five-years-old, in my Kindergarten school play at Randall School in Madison Wisconsin (I think I got the part because my mother lobbied for it and I had the best outfit)

My grandson Kaden Hasler is five-years-old and surprise, he fits right into the old lederhosen.


Grand Tour of the West: Summer 1972

Liese, Silverton, Summer 1972

High above the little town of Silverton Colorado

A former silver mining town, at the uphill terminus of the historic Silverton to Durango railway.

Mary, Marta, Sliverton, 1972

Mary and Marta, open the door bleary eyed.

There was an open field above the town, so we drove up a ways and parked for the night.

We bought an old Ford conversion van. It was strong enough to pull the boat and had two beds and a cook stove. Perfect for a 30 day tour of the West.

Colorado, Nevada, the whole West coast from San Diego to Vancouver and back through Canada and Idaho.

Mary, Marta, Sliverton, 1972

Mary, Liese, Marta, Sliverton, 1972

Liese was even more tired, if that's possible.

Mary, Marta, Sliverton, 1972








Marta, Liese, Mary, Swimming, Canada, 1972

Marta, Liese, Swimming, Canada, 1972

Hot summer day, no AC, no suits, but the little stream was too tempting.

Marta, Liese, Mary, Swimming, Canada, 1972

Katherine Etta

Katherine just born, Annapolis, 06August1977

Bloody, and gasping for air, Katherine comes into the world.

Mary was gasping for air also.

Katherine just born, Mary, Annapolis, 06August1977

Cleaned up, wrapped up, and in her mothers arms, she settled right down.

Katherine just born, Fritz, Annapolis, 06August1977

Not quite as happy in dad's arms

Arthur, Hatheway, Mary, Marta, Annapolis, 1977

Arthur, Fritz, Marta, Annapolis, 1977

Hatheway, Marta, Annapolis, 1977


London Town Public House, Edgewater MD

Our Hydrodyne I/O was docked near our house at 424 Highland Drive in Edgewater.  We took Dad and Hatheway on the boat out into the South River to the London Town Public House.

Arthur, Annapolis, 1977



Katherine, Marta, Liese, Mary, Edgewater, 1978

Katherine, Marta, Liese, Edgewater, 1978

Katherine, Edgewater, 1978

Marta, Edgewater, 1978

Liese, Edgewater, 1978

Katherine, Fritz, Appalachians, 1978

Another Handstand


Fritz, Mary, Liese, Marta. Katherine, Edgewater, 1979

Ski Warm Ski Supreme South River, Edgewater Maryland


Matthew Frederick

Newborn Matt, Mary, Marta, Liese, Katherine, Edgewater 02July1982

Matt was born July 1, 1982 at the hospital in Cheverly Maryland

We signed the papers to apply for his adoption and went to the hospital to meet him.

He seemed to be very popular with the ladies of the family

Newborn Matt, Mary, Edgewater 02July1982

We decided that we wanted him and took him right home.

Except for missing the birth trauma, Mary seemed to fall right in as his mother.

Newborn Matt, Liese, Edgewater 02July1982

Or did he have two mothers

Newborn Matt, Marta, Edgewater 02July1982

Or was it three?

Newborn Matt, Katherine, Edgewater 02July1982

Maybe four?

Newborn Matt, Fritz, Edgewater 02July1982

And a very proud papa!

Everyone wanted to hold him!


Katherine, Goats, Edgewater, 1982

Katherine, Goat, Edgewater, 1982

Matt 6-Months, Marta, Liese, Katherine, Edgewater, January1983

It took three months for our lawyer to get the official adoptions papers signed.

He was ours four sure, if we decided to keep him.

Matt 6-Months, Edgewater, January1983

Well what do you think...... Ralphie?

Matt, 2 years, Edgewater, 1984

Well it took two years, but by then he was cute enough so we decided to keep him


Mary, Matt, Murphy, Edgewater, 1996

We lived for 25 years on three acres of heavy wooded property in Edgewater Maryland only 5 mile from Annapolis. You don't think of big snowfall when you think of Maryland, but at least three times during that period we had snow falls of over three feet which shut down everything for three or four days.

Mary always had to have animals. It started with our cat Cat Ballou when we were first married in Madison, then our Afghan dog Shila Amahari in Boulder. With the three acres in Maryland, everything was fair "game". For tenders we had three goats that we milked, there were rabbits, ducks, turtles and a dog (see Murphy above). Other people have animals, and they frequently die prematurely of one thing or another. Mary's animals are practically immortal. In 2016, we currently have two Labs that are approaching 15 years of age. (oh my god)

Matt, Murphy, Edgewater, 1996


The only other time I have worn a Tux is for the White House Correspondents' Dinner In Washington DC when I worked for NASA.

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