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Hasler Pix 1932-68

Art & Hanna Hasler Pix

I have been going through boxes of old pictures from our family

Many we have not seen for over 50 years

Here are some of the best:

They are scanned at 1200 DPI and cleaned up (mostly) and enhanced with Photoshop


Fritz, Madison, 1940

Sylvia, Bunny Madison 1940

Mom, Sylva, Fritz, Odana Road 1942 Bruce in the oven.





Hanna Sylvia Fritz Bruce Gramsie_Madison_1943

Arthur, Bruce, Madison, 1943

Lake Mendota, From Negative

Fritz, Bruce, Door County? 1944

Moved to 205 Lathrop St_Madison in 1944
Built by Luella Mortenson.

Sylvia, Madison, 1944






Haslers, 205 Lathrop St, 1945, Twins in arms

 Art, Sylvia, Fritz - 205 Lathrop '45 -  Dad going to war

Hasler children, Madison, 1946

Sylvia Fritz Bruce Galen Mark, Madison, 1946

Galen & Mark, Beef Steer, Madison, 1947

Mark Galen Sylvia, Snow Suits, Madison, 1947

Fritz & Pinocchio Cast, Randall School, Madison 1945

Mark, Galen, Madison, 1945


Sylvia, Madison, 1946

Sylvia, Madison, 1946

Art, Fritz, Bruce, Twins, 205  Lathrop St 1947 

Snow Suits in the snow drifts.


Bruce, Galen, Mark, Madison, 1948

Fritz. Bruce, Galen, Mark, Karl, Madison, 1948

Playing wild indians with rolled up jammers



Hanna, Sylvia, Boys, Bear Lake, 1949

Hanna & Kids, Yellowstone, Wyoming, 1949

Hanna & Kids, Mammoth Springs,  Yellowstone, Wyoming, 1949

Art Tommy Marie, Tommy Jr, Duck Hunt, Washington, 1949

Tommy Marie, Tommy Jr, Duck Hunt, Washington, 1949

Mark, Galen, Puppies, 1949



Hanna, Karl, Picnic, Madison, 1949

I'll bet that banana was good!

Also a very dirty slide that will take another hour to clean up properly.

Karl, Galen, Mark, Bruce, Fritz, Sylvia, Madison, 1949

1947 brought baby, Karl Gregory (born July 19, 1947), and now we were six. Fritz is the only one that knows you are supposed smile for a picture.

Hanna, SylviaBoys_BearLake_1949


Christmas Schwann Bikes, Madison, 1950

Dad had a deal with Mr. Schwinn himself where he got a special price on bikes. This was the year I got my first two wheel bike, the red one, when I was 10. These were single speed bikes, but they had the fancy new hand brakes not the coaster type on the rear wheel.

Karl, Madison, 1950

Pretty cute on his trike.

This slide is out of focus and totally filthy.

It's so bad that I don't know if I could clean it up in two hours.

Mark, Galen, Puppies, Madison, 1951


Karl and Heidi, Madison, 1951

Haslers, Madison, 1951

Sylvia, Claudia, Dance, Madison, 1951

Ballet was on of Sylvia's great loves. Here she is in our back yard with her partner Claudia Schroeder.

Sylvia, Madison, 1952

Looking down Lathrop Street on a snowy but sunny winter day

Sylvia, Operetta, Madison, 1952

Sylvia is on the right.

Sylvia, Piano, 1952

In 1949 we still had the old upright, but here Sylvia is practicing on her mother's pride & joy a grand piano.

Hasler Boys, St. Joseph's Island, Canada 1952

Hanna, Galen, Mark, 205 Lathrop, Madison, 1952

Frankenthal's Antique Car Hasler Family, 1953

Haslers, Madison, 1953

The “von Hasler Famiy Singers” in front the grand piano at 205 Lathrop Street.

Back row: Galen (9), Bruce (11), Karl (7), Hanna, Fritz (13), Arthur with French Horn. 

At the piano: Sylvia (17), and Mark (9). 

From Sylvia’s bio: “I remember the morning after Daddy had taken Mother to hear the von Trapp family singers (of Sound of Music fame). Mother was ecstatic. I can still see her joyfully telling me in the kitchen the next morning about her delightful evening at the concert. Here was a musical family singing the songs of her heritage. Rehearsals began at once. We sang and performed together a great deal as a family. We endeavored to "out-Trapp" the von Trapps for years. We all sang parts, and I accompanied the German Christmas carols on the piano……. Daddy played French horn in the Madison Civic Orchestra and University Opera Productions for twenty-five years. We attended his concerts and the annual Messiah productions”

Haslers, Madison, 1953

Prusse Women, Provo, March 1954. 

Hanna center with red carnation, Sylvia far left

From left: Sylvia (Hanna’s daughter) Marilyn (Ralph’s wife), Ruth, Carol (Walter’s wife) Judy (Alfred’s Daughter), Hanna, Eveline, Zona (Alfred’s wife), Irmgard, Dorothy, and Granny.  

Hanna and Art knew there would be no August trip to Utah this year as they would be leaving in the Fall to go to Germany for Arthur’s one-year sabbatical to Munich. That meant a Spring (Easter) trip to Utah that brought many members of the Prusse clan together.

Prusse Grandkids Girls, Provo, 1954

Spring 1954: The grownup girls - Alfred's Judy Prusse and Sylvia Hasler

Bottom Row, Pete's Ellen, Ruth's Carol Anne Lundquist,  Alfred's Joan Prusse and Ada Taylor

Help me out: I recognize the older kids, but I am guessing at the younger ones by their apparent ages and the mothers that are present in the picture above.

Fritz Bruce Mark Trout Lake WI 1954  

Fritz as a sumo wrestler?


Fritz, Madison, 1954



Haslers, Madison, 1956

Hasler Men, John Merkley, Brighton, 1956

Haslers, Gramsie, Gilbert, Madison, 1956

Haslers, Gramsie, Gilbert, Madison, 1956

205 Lathrop Street, Madison, 1956

Our house from 1944 until dad and Hatheway moved to Shorewood ~1976

Hasler Boys, Rec Room, Madison, Christmas 1956

Art, Madison, 1956

Figure 32: Wedding of Sylvia and Gilbert, Salt Lake City, 1956

Sylvia and Gilbert Lionel Thacher were married in the Salt Lake Temple Sept 4, 1956. Hanna’s first child and only daughter was now married. She only had five boys to go.

Figure 32.3: Sylvia and Gilbert Wedding, Salt Lake City, 04Sept1956

Figure 32.5: Wedding Reception for Sylvia and Gilbert, Madison, 1956

Kappa Sorority House, Madison, Sept 20, 1956

Art & Sylvia Dancing, Madison, 1956

Sylvia & Gilbert Wedding Reception, Madison, 20Sept1956.

Haslers, Gramsie, Trout Lake, 1956

Galen, Mark, Lotus, Madison, 1957

Dad the Zoologist had to bring home animals in addition to our pet dog. Over the years we had a boa constrictor, a raccoon and here we had Lotus the skunk.

Galen, Bill Wellington, Steve Erickson, Camp Tichora, 1957

Haslers, Trout  Lake Camp, 1957

Art, Hanna, Galen, Mark, Karl


Haslers: Bruce, Fritz, Hanna, Sylvia, Arthur, Karl, SLC, 1958

Art arriving by air?

Most flights those days were bumpy and slow on propeller driven DC-3s

I'm guessing SLC because of the mountains and Sylvia living there.

I'm guessing 1958 because of my (Fritz's) flat top. That would make Karl 11 years old.

I don't know what happened to Mark & Galen, maybe taking the picture.

Sylvia, Laurel, Granny, Hanna, Provo, August 1959. 

Granny, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel, Provo, 1959

Granny, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel - four generations - Provo Utah, August 1959.

A much better version of the classic photo above taken in the shade

One of the very best photos we have of mom in middle age.

It only took 30 min with Photoshop to lighten it and clean it up.

I took a couple of nasty mosquito bites off Laurel's face in the process.

Sylvia with her soon to be eldest (Laurel) of six children.

Hanna with her eldest child, Sylvia, and first grandchild Laurel. 

Granny with her eldest child, Hanna, her eldest grandchild, Sylvia, and her first great grandchild, Laurel.

I had this as 1958, but Laurel is more than three months old..... Sylvia????

Sylvia, Hanna, and Gilbert, Madison, 1960.

Sylvia & Hanna singing, with Gilbert accompanying, Madison, about 1960.

“When I began dating my future husband Gilbert, Mother was ecstatic. Here was an excellent pianist who could sight read anything she put in front of him. Mother would say "Oh, Gilbert's here, he'll accompany us.””

Galen, Mark, Karl, Bruce, Fritz, West Lafayette, Spring1960

Mom, Bruce, Galen, Mark, Karl, Provo 1960? 

Fritz in Germany?


Sylvia, Hanna, Laurel, Granny, Provo, 1960

Four generations: Johanna, Hanna, Sylvia, Laurel

Mark, Galen, Phillip, Pherrel, SLC, 1960

Seeing double double: 

Hasler twins,  Mark and Galen (sons of Hanna Prusse) born 1945 

with Prusse Twins, Philip and Pherrel (sons of Hanna's younger brother Alfred Prusse and Zona) born 1947.

Hasler visit to Salt Lake City August 1960

Note: I have been working closely with the twins' baby brother, Kevin Prusse (ready to retire soon from his job as a K-8 School Principal) to assemble many of the Prusse family pictures

Haslers, Prusses (Pete's kids), Denver, 1960

Apparently we are making the rounds of the relatives.

Fritz, Karl, Galen, Mark, and Bruce Hasler

Ellen 1948, Roger 1951 Garn 1954 children of Walter (Pete) and Carol Prusse

Sorry about that Joan 1956, Brian 1961 

Fritz Packing Nash, Madison, 1969

Karl, Bruce, Fritz, Nash, West Lafayette, Spring, 1960

Fritz, Bruce, West Lafayette, 1960

Fritz & Bruce packing the big Nash trunk.

Art, West Lafayette, Spring 1960

Putting the final touches on the Nash trunk

Hanna and her Boys, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1960

Mark, Galen, Bruce, Fritz, Karl, Hanna

Hasler Men, Montecello, 1960

Note: Art carrying the Leica 111c

Galen, Lake Winnebago, Madison, 1960

Galen on Lake Winnebago holding a hydrophone to record Sheepshead drumming

Karl, Mark, Galen, Bruce, Madison, 1960

Bruce's Graduation from High School

Bruce, Fritz, Galen, Mark, Karl, Madison,1960

Five Hasler Boys

Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1960

Art, Hanna, Hasler kids + granddaughter Laurel

Figure 40: Christmas Stollen, Madison, 1960

A batch of mom's Christmas Stollen 1960. In the bay window of the dining room at 205 Lathrop Street, Madison.

At Christmas she would bake fifty loaves of German Stollen (fruited yeast bread), ice them, and Daddy would deliver them to friends and neighbors”Hanna, the baker’s daughter, thrilled family and guests alike with her food, but especially homemade bread, dinner rolls, and German specialties including Zwetschgenkuchen, and Christmas Stollen as well as a holiday cranberry pudding that was to die for."

Advent Calendars, Madison, 1960
In the window sill next to the Christmas stollen we would often place our Advent Calendars. Starting on December 1, we would open a door every day. There was a special surprise behind the 24th door


Haslers, Christmas Card, Madison, 1961



Hanna, Bruce, Art, Madison, 1961

Elder Bruce Hasler at the airport with mom and dad on his way to Germany for 30 months for his mission for the LDS Church

Fritz, Eagle Ceremony, Madison, 1961

Mark, Galen, Kathleen, Colorado, 1962

Skiing with cousin (Bill's daughter) at Vail?

Skiing Vail, 1962

Galen, Mark, Croquet, Madison, 1962

Croquet anyone?

Galen, Mark, Madison, 1962

Galen and Mark always had that extra flair that I was missing.

Mark, Galen, Laurel, Madison, 1962

Sitting in the famous 1947 Chrysler Town & Country that the twins restored

Boston Whaler. Skiing, Trout Lake, 1963

Hanna, Sherzl, Trout Lake, 1963

Hanna and her men, Madison, 1963

Hanna and her men, Madison, 1963

Mark, Helsinki, 1964

Let's see do I look best with the beret or without, with, without, with, without.......

I'm guessing on the location and date... help me out.

Hanna & Friend, Helsinki, 1964

Haslers, Thatchers, Madison, 1965

Scherzen, Madison, 1965

Art's German Shorthaired Pointer. 

He always had a dog for hunting birds.

Hann, Scherzl, Trout Lake, 1965

Hanna. Karl, Sylvia, Madison, 1966

Karl Graduation, Madison, 1966


Karl, Navy Uniform, Madison, 1965

Bruce, Christine, Provo, 1967

Bruce. Christine, Wedding, Manti, 25Aug1967

Bruce, Christina, Wedding, SLC, 25August_1967

Mary pregnant with Liese.

Bruce, Christine, Wedding, Provo, 26Aug1967


Hasler Siblings, Madison, 1968

Art, Hanna, Barbara, Liese, Madison, 1968

Hanna only a year before her death

Hanna, Madison, 1968

You can see the years that have passed in her face, but the inner and outer beauty is still there.

Probably also not long before she died in 1969 of stomach cancer

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